A new version of Joocommerce

Joocommerce was originally created by Flavio Copes and we have continued the development with our own version of the extension. We became a fan of this ecommerce extension as it proved to be simple to setup and manage, yet provides all the features that a small business needs in an online shop.

With Flavio no longer developing this extension, we have created our own version which we have called JooComShop.

JooComShop is an adapted version of Joocommerce it can be installed as a standalone extension or used to upgrade an older version of Joocommerce.

There are a selection of YouTube videos on how to use the shop extension, these can be found on the Skye Web Design channel.

If you find our version of the extension useful please consider making a donation to help with the further development.

Version 3.0.0 | Released 01/11/2019

  • Updated Stripe
  • Added a way to change the order of categories
  • Allowed shipping categories to be editable
  • Created a way to Group Countries and the groups can be used in any shipping category

Version 3.5.0 | Released 18/11/2020

NEW | Stripe SCA
New Payment Gateway to support Stripe with strong customer authentication.

NEW | Product Variation Weights
Added Weight option to products with Variations. This allows you to assign different shipping weights to variations of the same product. If a product has a Small, Medium and Large version, you can ensure the customer pays the correct shipping rate based on the weights.

NEW | Customer Dispatch Email
A new email notification to let the customer know once the order has been shipped. This email is triggered once you mark the order as Delivered.

New | Add to Cart / Select Option
If a product that is listed on a products page has variations then the ‘Add to Cart’ button becomes ‘Select Option’ and takes the user to the full product page if clicked.

Fixed | Confirmation Page
There was some errors which have been corrected on this page that where preventing it from loading correctly in some circumstances.


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The Joomla extension can be downloaded and used for free.
Use of this extension is entirely at your own risk. We strongly recommend that you make a backup of your website before installing.
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